OKANE was founded in NYC in 2021 and produces all of its garments in Midtown Manhattan's historic Garment District, where American clothing has been manufactured for over 100 years.

While our textiles are sourced from mills around the world, the design, pattern-making, marking/grading, cutting, and sewing all happen along a one block stretch right here in New York City.

For OKANE, supporting and expanding New York City's garment business is one of the principles of the brand. This allows us to be more hands-on, and to develop genuine relationships with the suppliers and manufacturers we work with. It also gives us the ability to insure proper pay and safe working conditions for the people making your clothes.

In an era of fast fashion, where low prices and fast turn-arounds are the standard, OKANE is dedicated to quality-made garments, created by talented craftspeople who are paid and treated fairly.